Accelerated Platform

Meet Accelerated: Education Equity Group offers a singular platform solution to close achievement and opportunity gaps for early learners. Accelerated core areas include Family Connected Projects, Family-School-Community Network, and Professional Development for Teachers and School Leaders.

Family Focused
- Increasing Family Engagement
- Improving Learning at Home
- Offering Family and Scholar Workshops
- Improving School Attendance
- Building Procedures for Organization
Scholar Focused
- Meeting Students at Their Level
- Establishing Strong Relationships
- Providing Learning Opportunities
- Maximizing Project-based Activities
- Improving Academic Performance
School-Community Focused
- Improving School Volunteerism
- Building Learning Communities
- Connecting with Schools and Families
- Connecting to Learning Platforms
- Connecting with EEG Learning Specialists

Specific Problems in Early Education

Achievement Gaps
- Low student performance and attendance
- Low school scores on standardized assessments
- Low performance in relationship to schools with similar demographics
Opportunity Gaps
- Limited learning resources
- Minimal in-school learning time
- Limited exposure to enrichment activities
Lack of Family Engagement
- No strategy linked to family engagement scores
- Limited opportunities for family engagement
- Barriers to volunteering and school access
Teacher Gaps
- Attrition rates are high
- Inadequate teacher training
- Minimal support for inexperienced educators
Equity Issues
- Inequitable access to key resources
- Lack of diversity among educators
- Limited family support
Foundational Learning Issues
- Minimal access to high-quality literacy programs
- Limited exposure to STEM
- Limited family support for reading activities and mastering sight words

Comprehensive Solutions to Address Gaps in Early Education

Contact an EEG Principal Consultant today:

- Leverage EEG Universal Standards for Early Learners
- Develop EEG Academic Action Plans (for all early learners)
- Develop EEG Parent-Leader Action Plans
- Develop and Align Strategic Plans to Improve School Culture and Student Outcomes

- Address Opportunity and Achievement Gaps
- Respond to Teacher Shortages and Gaps
- Address Family Engagement and Foundational Learning Gaps
- Address Systemic Gaps to Transform Educational Practices